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Balance 50


Made for Small Form Factor ITX. Max Size to Performance Ratio. 


The C7 Cu is made to solve heatsink size limitations in SFF/ITX systems, unleash your CPU! With a total height of 47mm including heatsink and fan, the C7 Cu is in the same height range of stock heatsinks. Meaning the C7 Cu can fit and go into any system that is compatible with CPU stock coolers. 


The Power of Copper 

Copper is a malleable, and ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. Its nearly twice as thermal conductive as aluminum. However, 3 times as costly as aluminum normally making it the choice material for only the most thermal critical components such as heatpipes and heatsink bases.  


The Advantages of Copper 15% Better Thermal Performance 

Taking advantage of coppers superior thermal conductivity, the C7 Cu is capable of achieving a additional 15% of thermal performance compared to the standard C7. This is added performance without adding extra size or Fan RPM/CFM/dBA.  


  • Heatsink Specification 
  •  Dimension: ( with fan ) L97 mm x W97 mm x H47 mm 
  •  Weight: ( with fan )  675 g
  •  Weight: ( without fan ) 613 g 
  •  Heat pipes:  6mm heatpipe x 4 units
  •  Fin:  T = 0.4 mm ; Gap = 1.2 mm
  •  Fin Pcs:  57 pcs
  •  Copper Base:  C1100 Pure copper nickel plated
  •  RAM Height Limit:  Limitless
  •  TDP:  115 W


  • Fan Specification 
  •  Dimension: L92 mm x W92 mm x H15 mm 
  •  Weight: 62 g 
  •  Rated Speed: 600 ~ 2500 RPM ±10 % 
  •  Noise Level: 30 dBA 
  •  Air Flow: 40.5 CFM 
  •  Air Pressure: 2.8 mmH2O 
  •  Ampere: 0.2 A 


  • Motherboard Compatibility 
  •  1150, 1151, 1155, 1156 
  •  FM1, FM2/+, AM2/+, AM3/+, AM4 
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